About Terrace Mulch Pine Fines Potting Mulch

Pine Fines Mulch is the bark from pine trees. Most of the pine bark mulch available in the central to eastern United States is derived from southern pine trees. It’s a by-product of the paper and lumber industries. Pine bark has been a popular landscape mulch and potting medium for many decades. The bark is chopped up and screened producing from a fine mulch to large nuggets. 

Its fine chippy texture allows water to pass easily while providing a decorative and protective covering for your plants. It decomposes providing nutrients to the soil and doesn’t compact. Its acidity promotes root growth and is ideal for your acid-loving plants.The fine texture of this mulch makes it ideal and widely used as a potting medium and soil conditioner. It is a mulch that should be found in every gardener’s tool shed.

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