About Terrace Mulch Cypress Potting Mulch

Cypress mulch comes from cypress trees grown in the coastal plains of the Gulf and Atlantic Oceans. It’s a member of the pine family and its resistance to decay can deter unwanted insects. Gardeners tend to choose cypress over other mulches because of its lighter color and durability.

There are two basic types sold on the market today, Grade “A” All Bark and a “B” grade, we call “Premium Cypress”. Both are attractive and protective mulches for general landscaping and can be used around your potted plants.

Grade “A” All Bark Cypress is just the bark from cypress trees. It has a stringy texture with a reddish brown color. The beautiful natural look greatly enhances any landscape or potted plant. Occasional turning and fluffing by hand will give it a newly applied appearance.  

Though not currently available in 4 quart packaging, it is possible to custom package it for you. Contact us for more information.

Premium Cypress is the shredded wood without the bark and currently available on this site. It has a tan color with a shredded woody appearance. Though it’s great as a general purpose mulch, its light color brightens heavily shaded areas and allows your plants to stand out. It can also can be used for pathways and play areas

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