About Terrace Mulch

About Us 
Terrace Mulch is a new company. Our Founder has 30+ years experience in mulch manufacturing and landscape supply. Our mission is to provide quality mulches packaged for container gardening.   

With our growth we plan to add more mulch choices, potting soils, tools etc.  

Just as container gardening creates a garden where it wouldn’t normally grow, we are making mulch available to where it wouldn’t normally go!

About our packaging
Our mulch is packaged in 4 quart bags that are convenient to transport and store. Four different types of mulch are currently available, each with its own benefits.

All of our bags have UV protection and vent holes. The bags must be kept dry, especially the Cocoa Shell mulch or molding will occur. Each bag has a carrying handle for easy transport and a zip lock to reseal for storing. The amount of mulch in each bag is enough to cover approx. seven 10” pots at a ½” thick.


Bag – 4 Dry Quarts
Case – 24 bags
Pallet – 16 cases / 384 bags
Starter case – 6 bags of each mulch / 24 bags

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info@terracemulch.com or 513/504-1803


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