Cocoa Shell Potting Mulch


Cocoa Shell

Cocoa shell mulch is the broken up shells from cocoa beans. The shells decay easily providing nutrients to the soil. Besides being an attractive mulch, it’s a great soil conditioner. 

Chocolate aroma will fill the air while its natural elements make your plants flourish. It’s been known to deter unwanted garden pests such as slugs and termites.


As always, cocoa shells remain the mulch of choice for many avid gardeners!

  • Smells like chocolate!
  • Offers many nutritional benefits to the soil
  • A favorite among avid flower and herb gardeners
  • Has been known to deter slugs and termites
  • 100% Organic


* Availability - 4 quart resealable bag  with a carrying handle
* Coverage – approximately 575 square inches at a ½”thick


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